Gonek Anna
Gonek Anna

President of the Fund for support of persons with impairments of the musculoskeletal system Preodoley-ka

Project Replication of the method of the Preodoley-ka inclusive dancing project in Russia

The project Preodoley-ka (Get Over!) started with an accidental meeting. Anna Gonek and Dmitry Senyukov met on vacation in Montenegro. Dmitry told about himself, about his business the Charity Center for active rehabilitation of the disabled people Preodolenie (Over...



Lyudmila Kazennova

The mother of Anastasia K. (a disabled of group I, who moves in a wheelchair)

My daughter Anastasia moved from a baby buggy to a wheelchair, she is a disabled from childhood. My daughter has joined the project Preodoley-ka about five years ago, when she was already 20 years old. Regular classes began, and I saw my daughter changing. Her movements became more smooth, more confident. I was so happy to see Nastya dancing for the first time on the stage! Surely, there were failures and frustrations, but thanks to the patience and skills of Evgeny Elkin, my daughter continued to study and to move forward. In my eyes, more and more new children joined this project. There were children with different motion problems, and there was an individual approach to every child. As for my daughter, now she dances with a group of healthy girls, she has an interest in her life, she has something to strive for. Im happy and proud of her!

Elena Shevtsova

Deputy Chief Doctor of the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation for psychological and pedagogical work, Associate Professor of the Department of Speech Therapy of the M.A. Sholokhov Moscow State Humanitarian University

The miracle of dance, as the authors expected, had an incomparable influence on children. They dance in wheelchairs, listen to music, feel its melodic and rhythmic effect, perk up; the children improve their perception of space, develop their dynamic praxis; we can see them extending their communication and adaptation possibilities, decreasing the manifestation of personal deviation symptoms. Moreover, they gain a sense of involvement in the life that was previously behind the closed door the frames of their life are getting wider. It is quite logical that this project began to spread across the country and abroad. Such initiatives should be taken up. They transfuse their enthusiasm and forces into other people enabling them to embody their most difficult plans.

Aleksandr Ezdov

Director of the Training Technologies Educational Center, Moscow

Socialization is one of the most important factors in the development of children with disabilities. Realizing this problem, the pedagogues of the project Preodoley-ka! managed to create a favorable environment for immersion of children with impairments of the musculoskeletal system into a team of their healthy peers. This is a good opportunity for our pupils to apply the knowledge they have acquired at school and to find their place among healthy children. One of the indicators of the correctness of such creative approach to the inclusive education is the fact of great popularity of these classes among children and their parents. The performances of our students together with the fosterlings of the project Preodoley-ka! regularly gladden us at school holidays. Students like these classes very much, they reveal their best qualities, became more active physically and more responsible, make new friends.

"Little Man". The performance at the VI International Paramusic Festival 2014 in the Variety Theater.
"Little Man". The performance at the VI International Paramusic Festival 2014 in the Variety Theater.
Performance at Paralympic Games Sochi 2014, Krasnaya Polyana, Roza Khutor
The Wings. Rehearsal for the"FAKEL" Festival, Krasnaya Polyana, The Gorki, Spring 2015 Wings.
The Wings. Performance at the"FAKEL" Festival, Krasnaya Polyana, The Gorki, Spring 2015
The Wings. Performance at the"FAKEL" Festival, Krasnaya Polyana, The Gorki, Spring 2015
Gonek Anna
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