Roziyev Rakhimdzhan
Roziyev Rakhimdzhan

Co-owner of OFK-Cardio LLC

Project Early diagnosis of myocardial infarction to provide timely specialized medical care

Rakhim Roziyev is a Candidate of Medical Sciences, founder of the Alliance of competencies Park of active molecules, which unites more than 20 biopharmaceutical engineering companies, including LLC OFK-Cardio - a company which is a developer and manufacturer of rapid ...



Buziashvili Yuriy

Head of clinical and diagnostic department of Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Academician of RAMS

Cherevatyy Grigoriy

Head of Department of Emergency Cardiology of Kaluga Regional Hospital, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation

Popov Vladimir

Minister of Economic Development of the Kaluga Region

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Roziyev Rakhimdzhan
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