Karpitskiy Yuriy
Karpitskiy Yuriy

LLC Aelita, Director of Development

Project “Establishment of serial production of innovative anesthesia and respiratory equipment”

Business area of Yuriy Karpitskiy is innovative entrepreneurship, research and development. Radio engineer diploma with honors, received at Voronezh State Technical University, the academic degree of candidate of technical sciences predetermined his professional inter...



Mizikov Viktor

Head of the Department of General Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Petrovsky RSCS, Academy of Medical Sciences, full member of the European Society of Anesthesiology

The device is fairly compact, mobile, executed in modern design; functionality is built on control using the touch screen. There are no mechanical components of regulation and control of ventilation modes. The big advantage of this unit is a method of injection and dosing of anesthetic, which can significantly reduce the consumption of expensive drugs for anesthesia, as well as improve the accuracy of dosing compared to conventional evaporators.

Balakin Dmitriy

Chief freelance anesthesiologist of Regional Directorate of Health Care of the Gorky Railway

The device has the ability to work by both half-open and half closed low-flow ALV circuit, is equipped with multicomponent injection device providing anesthesia with different evaporating liquid anesthetic agents and nitrous oxide with high accuracy of dosing. In addition to forced ventilation modes, the device provides a number of auxiliary modes, which allows using it, if necessary, in the intensive care unit. Aelita anesthesia apparatus has a block of complete gas detection and a monitor that monitors the state of the patient during anesthesia.

Gubkin Igor

Head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care of Budgetary health care institution “Voronezh regional clinical hospital No.1”

Aelita anesthesia apparatus complies with the basic requirements for efficiency and safety for medical products and requirements for such devices. In terms of functionality and performance the apparatus surpasses all known domestic analogous apparatuses (in particular - the device “Phase - 21NP”, produced by JSC Ural instrument-making factory”, Ekaterinburg). Aelita anesthesia apparatus can be recommended for use in medical practice for the purpose of equipping departments of anesthesiology and intensive care of district, city and regional medical institutions.

Юрий Карпитский на III Ежегодной партнерской конференции Российской Венчурной Компании.
В рамках выставки Startup Village 2014, организованной ИЦ «Сколково», ООО «Аэлита» представила свой флагманский продукт - НДА «Аэлита» - Председателю Правительства РФ Медведеву Д.А. и получила высокие оценки от бизнес-сообщества.
НДА «Аэлита» на выставке-форуме молодых ученых U-NOVUS. В рамках форума прошел Всероссийский конкурс разработок молодых ученых, где проект «Аэлита» занял первое место в направлении «Медицина будущего».
Наркозно-дыхательная техника АЭЛИТА
Юрий Карпитский на стенде компании на 23-ей Международной выставке «Здравоохранение-2013», г. Москва
Karpitskiy Yuriy
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