Mokhov Vadim
Mokhov Vadim

Founder and Director General of RosInnovatsiya LLC

Project “TransportTV”: Digital transport television”
Vadim Mokhov is one of the first who started to introduce Internet communications in Tomsk. In 2002, having created the company "from scratch", he became the founder of the Internet service provider MultiGrad. Residents of dormitory districts as well as commercia...


Epin Alexander

President of the Agency 062-advertisement

Technology developed by RosInnovatsiya meets the market needs. Previously, it was technically difficult to solve the problem of rapid updating of advertising in transport. And advertisers are interested in it. Now, however, such equipment appeared, although it is unknown how it will work.

Kirzhakov Igor

Kirzhakov Igor

Main Department of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Tomsk region expresses its deep gratitude for the implementation of the information project “Transport-TV”. We are very pleased that you pay attention to the security of people. Understanding of the problem and provision of information support in promoting this issue allow our citizens to continually pay attention to their own security. This means that our common work has a particular price - hundreds of lives.

Sukhushin Vladislav

Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Service for Drug Control of the Tomsk region

Russian Federal Service for Drug Control and Department of the Tomsk region thanks Director General of LLC RosInnovatsiya Vadim Mokhov for assisting in the implementation of the project "Transport TV", for the support of social projects and timely placement of preventive video clips.

Пример размещения цифровых экранов на транспорте
Мультиинформационный экран. Информация по маршруту.
Мультиинформационный экран. Информационная справка.
Функционирующая система «Транспорт-ТВ» в г. Томск
Мультиинформационный экран. Пример рекламных акций.
Мультиинформационный экран. Пример наполнения.
Mokhov Vadim
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