Bruzgalov Alexander
Bruzgalov Alexander

Director General of Savant Research and Development

Project “Contest of student innovation technology projects Technovations Cup”
Alexander Bryzgalov was born in the Southern Urals. He studied at Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. In 1985 he became a certified radio engineer and began his career in MIC “mailbox”. In 1991, he moved to Moscow, was engaged in the development of various business projects...


Krivtsov Valeriy

Dean of the Faculty of Innovations and High Technologies of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

We are well aware that the skills of technological entrepreneurship need to be developed from college. It is important to give the students an opportunity to use their bright minds and knowledge obtained at the university in a practical project – a real startup. At the same time it is important to implement the ideas in a team. It is also important to include a competitive point to see the brightest projects and teams, which can be an example to other young innovators. We started this process back in 2007, when we launched the Technovations Cup at the Department of Physics and Technology as a contest of university projects. Now is the time to develop our activities in favor of the interests of venture industry and manufacturing companies, which are showing a greater demand for innovation. University graduates have to quickly adapt to the realities of the global technological world. It is an important indicator of the effectiveness of the entire university and, ultimately, the ranking of the university and its alumni.

Lyubov Simanova-Emelianova

Partner of Almaz Capital venture fund

Now, not only in Russia but throughout the world, the interest in projects that are born within the universities is growing. There is a process of reduction of the time from scientific development to its practical implementation in production. It is therefore important to fully support the initiative of the Technovations Cup for search and development of university technology projects. We need to help projects “grow” to venture capital investments – attract competent experts and mentors, structure and pack the project. It is good that TechnoCup is developing a federal project that allows seeing the entire spectrum of university technology projects from across the country, not just IT-startups of Moscow and St. Petersburg. I am particularly pleased to note the dynamics of the Technovations Cup development because I have been involved in its development from the beginning and I am confident in the correctness of the chosen strategy.

Sosnovtsev Denis

Head of partner solutions of IBM in Russia and CIS

Due to globalization processes, the technologies in today’s world are becoming more accessible to developers. Thus we see that there are interesting projects not only in the traditional centers of innovative development, such as the USA, UK, Finland and Israel, but also in the countries with fast-growing economies. I’m pleased to note that Russia is also actively involved in the development of innovative capacity. Federal scale of the activity and the concentration of competence in working with startups are very important for the country.  <div> <br /> </div> <div>Of course, the road that a startup runs, starting from the idea and ending with the participation in projects such as IBM “Global Entrepreneur”, is rather challenging. Nevertheless, we see great interest, especially from the technical universities to participate in such projects. We do hard work choose the set out of many young projects and to consistently lead them to the introduction in the real economy. I am sure that TechnoCup has great potential, which will allow it to actively develop and cooperate with IBM for many years. </div>

Ведущий финала - Соучредитель и Генеральный директор "Кубок Техноваций" - Александр Брызгалов. "Кубок Техноваций" - дочернее предприятие Московского физико-технического института.
Родоначальник "Кубка Техноваций" - Представитель МФТИ - Декан Факультета инноваций и высоких технологий - Кривцов Валерий Евгеньевич
Бизнес-ангел и основатель венчурного фонда Altair Capital - Игорь Рябенький
Главный эксперт крупного венчурного фонда Almaz capital - Любовь Симанова-Емельянова
Рабочие моменты финала - обсуждение новой конструкции 3D-принтера с инновационным модулем печати.
Bruzgalov Alexander
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