Molodykh Vladimir
Molodykh Vladimir

Director General of LLC VVPass Corporation, expert of the Center for interactive educational technologies of Moscow State University

Project “Program of social adaptation of children from orphanages “Midday”

Vladimir Molodykh graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University and holds an MBA from the Higher School of Economics. Principal occupation: Director General of LLC VVPass Corporation. Research interests since his studies at Moscow State Uni...



Saltykov Pyotr

Asset Manager of LLC PPF Life Insurance, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences

The project “Midday” is unique among projects known to me. The main difference from other charitable endeavors is a deep systemic approach aimed at a constructive solution to the problem - the socialization of children from orphanages, not its symptoms. Another advantage of the project, I believe, is the use of the most modern educational technology, developed by project participants and having no analogues in the world. Such projects create the future of our country, and I would not be surprised if the experience of the project will be replicated in the future, not only in Russia but also among teachers in other countries.

Korobenko Sergey

President of the Hope Worldwide Foundation

Thanks to the program “Midday” we can carry out diagnostics of students and identify the problems that do not lie on the surface. It is important to note that in the course of the plot-role-playing games students manage to act freely and independently in specially constructed situations, and to practice the previously obtained knowledge which they cannot yet apply in real life, which is especially important for the graduates of residential care establishments.

Khlomov Kirill

Head of the center "Perekrestok" of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Having constant communication with their senior companions, who have already reached some success in life, children gradually begin to think about their future, their dreams and form vital moral principles, assess their capabilities and realize the necessity of further education, in order to subsequently acquire the chosen profession to find a decent job and integrate into society better.

1 игра "Журнал Спорт", дети готовят график прогресса отделов журнала. Задача в игре - играть так, чтобы уравновесить прогресс каждого отдела и журнала в целом
2 игра "Журнал Спорт", рефлексивный разбор после игры: накал страстей вокруг графика прогресса
3 игра "Пандора", карта и ресурсы из Джунглей. Задача в игре - организовать коммуникацию между собой так, чтобы суметь пройти полосу препятствий - джунгли
4 игра "Журнал Спорт", рефлексивный разбор после игры: дети учатся формулировать цели общие и личные и обсуждают их
5 игра "Журнал Спорт", один из отделов журнала в процессе работы
6 игра "Журнал Спорт", голосование на редакционном собрании журнала
7 игра "Авария в реакторе", матрос и врачи получают инструктаж. Задача в игре - в чрезывычайной ситуации предотвратить аварию слаженными действиями в команде
8 игра "Авария в реакторе", матросы и старпом
9 игра "Авария в реакторе", ремонт пульта управления подводной лодкой
10 игра "Авария в реакторе", рефлексивный разбор после игры: дети рассказывают как задачи каждого из них помогали решению общей проблемы
11 игра "Пандора", команда ученых общается с командой следопытов по рации
Molodykh Vladimir
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