Shilkina Marina
Shilkina Marina

Director of ANEE Filipp

Project Modernization of the system of preschool education through the introduction of innovative system Building-garten

In 1999, Marina Aleksandrovna graduated from Samara State Academy of Economics with a degree in Economics, and then took further training in Management of the educational institution. She has a second higher education as a psychologist coach.

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Kormilitsyna Ekaterina

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Having considered your innovative project Building-Garten, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) expresses its appreciation. Your author's technology developed to address such pressing issues for the country certainly deserves careful study by the executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to create the appropriate conditions of implementation. I stress that the practical application of the technology will greatly expand the potential for small businesses, will create new jobs, and at the same time will improve the quality of the services provided in the field of pre-school education.

Yegorov Oleg

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Usadba group of companies

In my opinion, the organization of Building-gartens in Samara is a very promising project. Its implementation should have started already 3-4 years ago, when there was a shortage of places in kindergartens. In my opinion, this project is just perfect for our city. And the developers, in turn, will be happy to allocate free space for this, and even, if necessary, adapt existing projects. I think the city will sigh with relief because of the project. After all, building new kindergartens today is unpromising, so, once again, the only option is exactly the organization of Building-.

Belolyubskaya Yevdokiya

Head of the Childrens Center My Joy, Yakutsk

I express my deep gratitude to the head of the project Building-Garten Shilkina Marina for the interesting and useful information on the regional experience in organizing pre-school business in Russia, disclosure of practices for the organization of non-state preschool educational institutions. Very useful was the experience in the organization of the licensing of preschool institutions. I'm sure that the acquaintance with you, and the information you provide will serve as the impetus of development in the right way (organizational, legal, methodological) of non-state preschool educational institutions in our region. I wish further development to your organization, success and fulfillment of all your projects.

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Shilkina Marina
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