Topuridze Nikita
Topuridze Nikita

President of the Group of Companies Sim-Ross

Project: “Production of energy-efficient high-voltage bare wires of the new generation for overhead power lines”

Topuridze Nikita has been in the cable business for almost twenty years, he is considered to be the initiator and ideologist of the active promotion of innovative technologies in the Russian power industry.

Nikita Romanovich graduated from Maurice Thorez Moscow S...



Shakaryan Yuriy

Deputy Director of VNIIE, academician of the Academy of Electrical Sciences of Russia, a member of the American Institute of engineers, electrical engineers and electronics, a member of NP STC UES, a member of the Committee on the Russian Government Award

Berdnikov Roman

Deputy Chairman of the Board of OJSC FGC UES, a member of the Board of OJSC FGC UES

Fyodorov Vadim

Chairman of the Board of the Self-regulating organization in the field of energy audit (SRO-E-15) - NP Association of persons carrying out activities in the field of energy audit “EnergoProfAudit”

Завершается строительство завода ООО «Сим-Росс-Ламифил» в энергетическом Технопарке в г.Углич Ярославской области
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Цех завода Lamifil в Бельгии
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Topuridze Nikita
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