Creating a system for the search, development, and promotion of young leaders, making it possible to increase the capitalization of national human resources through the maximally efficient use of the potential and capabilities of the most active and dynamic part of society.

LEADERID.RU is the information support platform of the Institute for Leadership Development of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

LEADERID allows its participants to create their own history of professional and personal development, to show their competencies development in various fields, to share this information with potential partners and employers, to build individual career paths through competency assessment mechanisms and competency development services, to develop personally and to contribute to the development of the other people and Russia as a whole.


Data about active participants (potentially meeting the requirements of specialists) is transferred from the ASI to the information system
Electronic mailing system
The system sends invitations to candidates for participation in the activities of the information platform of the Institute for Leadership Development (LEADER-ID)
Registration of participants
The minimal condition for participation is filling in the application form
Filling in the profile
Creating the full participants profile
The profile allows for detecting the candidates compliance with one or several profiles of professions (positions)
Assessing the results of the participants development

Adjusting the participants profile
Verified application form
The verified application form shall include the list of the participants competencies and their development level
It shall allow for searching candidates using a request built on the basis of the required competencies
Development programs
for participants
Completing the development
programsby participants
Assessing the development program by its participant

Programs adjustment

The LEADERID project is intended to consolidate information about people with an active life position who came in the attention of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives: projects leaders and participants, talented young people, young businessmen, promising researchers, young professionals.

Every active, talented participant is invited to register on the LEADER-IDs website and Participate in the work of the Institute for Leadership Development.
The registered participants receive regular invitations to take part in various projects and events organized by the Agency and its partners. All the events held by the Institute for Leadership Development are aimed at developing their participants, increasing their competencies.

Participation in the development programs (and, accordingly, growth of competencies) is recorded in a special section of LEADER-ID. Thus, the participants development trajectory is traced which, in conjunction with his or her professional experience (also shown on the website), gives a full picture of his or her capabilities and potential.

By tracking this information, the Institute for Leadership Development can offer new programs, opportunities, prospects to the participants.

The most successful and potential participants are invited to try their hand in the most interesting and difficult programs of the Agency and its partners, which serve, in turn, as a social elevator for leaders.

Using the above and many other development tools, the Institute for Leadership Development trains really strong candidates, who are ready to take up positions of responsibility, requiring a high professionalism and unique competencies.
The Institute for Leadership Development provides opportunities for developing leadership potential, replication and scaling of successful leadership practices in the regions of the Russian Federation, showing opportunities to change the situation and remove barriers, to tell success stories and to improve the image of an entrepreneur, a professional, a socially responsible leader.


The Institute for Leadership Development provides opportunities for further development and realization of leadership potential:

  • including them in the list of candidates for the position of independent directors at companies with state participation;
  • involving them in the implementation of the Agencys agenda (participation in working and expert groups for system initiatives, crowdsourcing, etc.);
  • involving them in the Agencys system projects;
  • adding them in the list of candidates for various positions and recommendations to include in staffing reserves of public authorities, non-governmental organizations, and large companies;
  • nomination of candidates for participation in public and expert councils of federal and regional authorities on the issues matching the leaders profile.