Products in Future

Products in National Technological Initiative Markets

The developers are already taking the first steps to conquer the new National Technological Initiative (NTI) markets. Below is a list of high-tech products made by NTI companies.

Atlas DNA Test #HealthNet

DNA tests give a lot of important data. What is the ratio of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates is recommended for your diet, what is the safe cap of coffee cups a day, what kinds of sports is preferable or highly undesirable for you — all these questions are easily answered by the Atlas.

This DNA test factors in not only your inherited parts, but also your current condition. As a result, you have a unique personalized healthcare tool to consciously change your lifestyle.

Genotek DNA Tests #HealthNet

Genotek has developed a number of tests that enable patients to personally evaluate their health and find the most optimum care.

The Health and Longlife test identifies the probability of diseases; Plan Your Kids will identify any hereditary diseases and how likely they are to occur in your future kids; Diet and Fitness will help optimize your diet; and Genealogy will tell you about your origins and ethnicity.

ECG Dongle Cardioset #HealthNet

Digital healthcare concept implies analyzing regular measurement data to diagnose various diseases as early as possible.

ECG Dongle is yet another step towards digital healthcare. This is a portable ECG device consisting of several sensors and a memory card where it stores the records. The device measures your cardiac rhythms and sends the data in real time to your smartphone or to a cloud service (if so accepted by the user). It enables doctors to analyze cardiograms for any moment of time.

Pediatrician 24/7 and Online Doctor Projects #HealthNet

MMT has used its own software as a basis to create two new patient-to-doctor video call services: Pediatricial 24/7 and Online Doctor.

MMT has implemented these services so that highly qualified doctors could give their advice and assistance while far from the patient. Each service enables its users to talk to doctors via the browser or the mobile app while also storing the history of sessions and the media files in your personal account. Duty doctors receive their patients online 24/7 without being bound to such patients’ location. The services can also be used for scheduled advice sessions with specialized doctors. Healthcare institutions can integrate the MMT solutions in their resource management systems to optimize doctors’ schedules, re-direct the patient flow to some extent, and make overall performance improvements.

ELEMENTAREE Personal Food Service #FoodNet

ELEMENTAREE offers a personalized menu.

The client can choose any of the menu options in accordance with their desires; then they proceed to the “builder” of diverse and health food. All the menus have been designed by nutritionists, the foods used are of the highest quality, and the website provides detailed cooking instructions so now the client has to spent a little bit more time to “construct” their meal. This idea combines two popular market concepts: food delivery and individual choice of foods. In the nearest future, Elementaree plans to enable DNA-assay-based individual menus.

Subscribe to the Farm in the Foods farm products cart #FoodNet

The Gardens in the Woods farm produces eco-friendly foods based on permaculture and living systems. The foods they may do not go to open markets; instead, it is sold to a limited circle of partner clients who are on a year or six-month subscription. Food carts are delivered once a week and contain everything you need for a health family diet. This direct farmer-to-consumer economic model is an organizational innovation that solves the main problem of small-scale farming, i.e. the sales of the products. This is the direction in which Russia’s today’s farming is to develop.

Wikium Brain Training Systems #NeuroNet

Wikium is an online service that helps people improve and boost their cognitive cerebral functions like attention, memory, and thinking, thus making them perform better in their studies or work while also helping the elderly keep their mind clear.

Users first pass entry tests to determine the current cognitive parameters. Based on this data, the system builds a personal program for everyday training. Wikium also offers an innovative brain training solutions: gaming neuro trainers.

SleepAlert #NeuroNet

The SleepAlert wakefulness control system by Neurotonus consists of a bracelet and a cap with special sensors. The cap registers the electric waves in your brains and is exactly what makes the product revolutionary. By analyzing the ratio of various signals, the device determines the activity of your consciousness and detects the moment when you are losing attention and falling asleep. The system was designed for drivers above all: when the driver is starting to lose their attention, they are awakened by the vibrating bracelet so that they could safely go off the road.

ROBOTRACK, an Educational Robotics Construction Set #NeuroNet

ROBOTRACK has shortly developed and released a wide range of robotics constructions sets. Even the basic set includes no less than 828 parts that can be assembled into various models, from simple static structures to operational mechanisms and robots. The sets suit children aged 10 or older.

Inspired by the successes, the kids neural modeling lab at Robotrack has started to develop new Neuronet products: Neuroresearcher and Neurotrack sets are designed to teach students the skills future neural scientists and engineers would need. Neural interface, signal receiver and transmitter, sensors, and software-enabled laboratory classes will help future scientists and inventors study the functions of the brain, the muscular patters of the heart, etc., to identify the significant signals of its electric activity, as well as to operate various systems that visualize the psychophysiological condition of human beings.

Young Neuromodelist Construction Set #NeuroNet

Young Neuromodelist is a construction set by BiTronics Lab that enables students to study the applications of neural technologies.

The sensors in the package can record electromyograms (EMG), electroencephalograms (EEG), pulse, electrocardiograms (ECG), and skin-galvanic reactions (SGR).

The set has been designed using a LEGO-compatible platform and is intended for use with LEGO Education robots. Buyers are implied to already own such robots or buy them for that matter.

This set of BiTronics expands the range of factors robots respond to by adding biological data to such factors, which ultimately enables the creation of models that combine robots and neural technology.

VOCO, a Windows speech-to-text app #NeuroNet

Unlike smartphone-run voice assistants, this service by the Speech Technology Center (STC) recognizes the user’s voice locally and does not require an Internet connection.

The solution can be used for voice input in any text field to considerably save effort when creating large text documents. User text learning and thematic dictionaries help VOCO expand it vocabulary and improve the recognition of specialized terms and phrases. Extended versions can recognize speech from records

Clever, a programmable quadrocopter construction set #AeroNet

Unmanned aircraft by Copter-Express target to deliver goods or even to transport passengers. Clever models teach you how to operate these newly arisen masters of the sky. Using these sets will enable your child (or perhaps even you) to showcase engineering talents and understand both the disadvantages and the potential capacities of the existing models. Beside being fun, the sets help train for the emerging jobs like unmanned aircraft designers and operators.

Geoscan Pioneer, a quadrocopter assembly kit #AeroNet

Geoscan not only develops high-tech solutions for Earth remote sensing; it also offers special kits for those who want a future full of aircraft.

Unmanned aircraft control skills are not limited to the remote control unit. Geoscan Pioneer is a kit that enable you to program your own copter so that young students could acquire the skills of unmanned aircraft programming while also giving teachers a practical tools to teach these very important skills.

RoboRace Autonomous Car Programmable Platform #AutoNet

Aurora Robotics is designing a kit for creating programmable unmanned vehicles; the kit will include an electric car mockup a bit larger than 1m, a navigation chip, spatial orientation sensors and cameras, a remote control unit, and even a laptop for programming the device. Roborace will enable highschool and engineering university students to learn the basics of how autonomous car control systems are made.


This is a set of all-Russian multidisciplinary engineering contests for 9- to 11-grade highschool students; the contests cover 12 focus areas including Autonomous Transport Systems, Big Data and Machine Learning, Space Tech, and Intellectual Power Systems. Contests are two-staged. First goes an individual web-based contest; then the participants proceed to the team final where they will have to create an operating device. The Olympiad is to be supported with online courses that will introduce you to the world of state-of-the-art engineering.