ASI to engage in the media promotion of the Go Global initiative in new digital environments

    24 December 2019
    PHOTO: Artem Ganzha | NTI News

    Next year, the ASI is to start the implementation of the Go Global strategic initiative; in the nearest time, specialists should focus on its media promotion in new digital environments and the pitching of breakthrough domestic projects "from the perspective of top three or top five priorities for 2020." This was stated at the coordination council of the initiative by Dmitriy Peskov, Director of the ASI's Young Professionals Direction, Special Representative of the President on Digital Development.

    He noted that the Agency had determined four key areas in the work on the initiative:

    • Projects creating a long list of projects, completing the chain of their promotion, acceleration together with development institutions, promotion, and support
    • Partner Network creating a network of foreign Boiling Points, joint platforms (centers of best practices), a network of public officials, and a pool of international experts.
    • Ratings and Competitions creating a long list of ratings and competitions, targeting, pre-application preparation and support, as well as development of proprietary ratings
    • Global Ideas forming global ideas and a long list of international venues for positioning and promotion, as well as globalization of proprietary platforms

    Dmitriy Peskov proposed council members to think about developing the potential fifth track Map and Language, form top three potential global markets for Russia, and create a Russian global development institution resembling the World Bank.

    "The key global institutions face a reset; our task is to work out success stories that would be shared and common for all of us and to work on the global success story of Russia in the 2020s," Special Representative of the President said.

    According to Dmitriy Peskov, such initiative of the ASI would result in the growth of Russian influence in the world in the spheres where it was insufficient. In addition, Russian markets were expected to be expanded for selling and promoting services, technologies, and managerial practices. At the same time, he noted that "global frameworks and formats not often offer our country the possibility to fulfill our ambitions."

    Council members proposed their ideas for implementing the initiative. Alexander Stuglev, Chief Executive Officer of Roscongress, stated that the Foundation would help achieve the increased efficiency of all participants of Go Global through information exchange, the provision of proprietary venues, and project promotion.

    Sergey Malenko, Head of the CIS Affairs, Assistance to International Development and Integration of Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation, noted that the organization intended to work with the CIS countries for localizing Russian projects. Moreover, the agency intended to obtain additional venues in Russia where joint events with foreign partners could be held "to advance Russian positions." In addition, Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation was interested in creating Boiling Points and Kvantoriums in the CIS.

    Kirill Ilichev, CEO of the Moscow Export Center, proposed to focus on one priority global market and engage foreign experts to select projects. A representative from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation noted that they were developing a new information system containing export, import, GDP, intellectual property, and tender data to help promote Russian companies in the world.

    Dmitriy Peskov appraised all proposals of council members, adding that during the intensive course Zimniy Ostrov in Sochi experts had worked out more than 270 export strategies that would be used at the ASI to track the barriers hindering the entry of Russian companies into international directions.

    Source: Website Editorial