Expert Board

The Expert board operates on a continuous basis and is an expert and consulting body the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). The activity procedure of the Expert board is defined in the Regulation on the Expert board of ASI. The members of the Expert board work on a voluntary basis or any other conditions approved by the direction of the Agency. The structure of the Expert board is formed of representatives of expert, business, scientific communities and public authorities (up to 100 persons). The structure of the Expert board, except for the Chairman of the Expert board, is approved by the direction of the Agency. Members of the Expert board may be re-elected any number of times. The Chairman of the Expert board is a member of the Supervisory board of the Agency and is approved in accordance with the procedure to form the Supervisory board of the Agency.

The Expert board carries out expert examination of projects and initiatives, as well as prepares recommendations on the agenda for meetings of the Supervisory board and on the projects of proposed solutions of the Supervisory board.

Igor Shuvalov
Expert board Chairman Chairman of the State Development Corporation VEB.RF
Sergey Abdykerov
Architecture & Analysis Director of the NTI Platform
Natalia Agre
President of the NGO Road Safety Russia
Andrey Andrianov
Vice-President Russian Academy of Science
Sergey Astafurov
President of Eltech SPB JSC
Pavel Astakhov
President of Moscow Collegium of Advocates
Alexander Auzan
Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor
Bezrukov Vyacheslav
Director of Corporate Business Department of the regional network of Absolut Bank (PAO)
Anna Belova
Scientific supervisor at the Moscow State University's Research Centre for System Transformation
Eugeny Belyakov
Reviewer of the Department of Economics, JSC ID Komsomolskaya Pravda
Fyodor Borisov
Principal Expert of the HSE University
Alexander Bragin
Director of the Forum Analytical Center
Julia Bychkova
Curator of the Land Art Festival Archstoyanie
Kirill Varlamov
Director of the Internet Initiatives Development Foundation
Andrey Vinjkov
General Director of Scientific Popular Media LLC
Andrey Volkov
Professor, Academic Policy Advisor, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Sergey Vorobiev
Senior Partner. President of Ward Howell International
Julia Vorotnikova
Head of Corporate University, SIBUR LLC
Elena Gavrilina
Partner at "Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners" Law Offices
Irina Gayda
Partner and head of Oil and Gas practice in Strategy at PwC Russia
Radislav Gandapas
President of CIS Speakers Association
Sergey Georgievskiy
CEO of the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER"
Rinat Gizatulin
Sergey Glukhov
Moderator of the non-profit partnership Club of Leaders in Promoting Business Initiatives
Dmitry Glushko
Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation
Sergey Golubev
General Director of Social Investment Fund LLC
Sergey Gradirovsky
Academic Director of the Master in Public Strategy program of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Vladimir Gruzdev
Chairman of the Board of the All-Russian Non-governmental Organisation Association of Lawyers of Russia
Gudkov Pavel
Deputy Director General of the Fund for promotion of small business forms development in the scientific and technical field
Yury Danilov
General Director of the OKSO LLC
Arkady Dvorkovich
President, World Chess Federation (FIDE); Chairman, Skolkovo Foundation
Raisa Demina
Chairman of the Board of Directors, TM Velcom Group
Valery Dolgikh
Director of the New Generation Nonprofit Partnership
Maria Dronova
Director of Government Relations and Charitable Activities of the EVRAZ Group
Vadim Duda
General Director of Russian State Library
Andrey Zhulin
Vice Rector of the HSE University
Denis Zhuravsky
Executive Director of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia
Alexander Zazhigalkin
Head of the Center for Innovative Development of Russian Railways
Sergey Zverev
President, Chairman of the Board of CROS JSC
Zvereva Natalia
Director of the Regional Social Programs Fund Our Future
Elena Zelentsova
Vice President, Director for Urban Environment Development, Skolkovo Foundation
Dmitry Zemtsov
Vice President for Development, Far Eastern Federal University
Evgenia Zusman
Partner at You&Partners LLC
Aleksey Ivanchenko
Deputy Chairman, Head of Innovation and Digital Economy, State Development Corporation "VEB.RF"
Alexander Ivlev
CIS Managing Partner, Deputy Regional Accounts Leader for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia, EY
Kirill Ignatyev
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of Companies Russian investments
Maxim Inkin
Acting General Director of the Roskvantorium Foundation
Infimovskaya Svetlana
Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia
Nonna Kagramanyan
Vice-President for International Affairs, member of The General Council, head of the Department of International Affairs of All Russia Public Organization Business Russia
Kirill Kaem
Senior Vice-President for Innovations, Skolkovo Foundation
Alexander Kamnev
Professor of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE)
Georgy Kaptelin
Deputy Chief Editor of the TASS News Agency
Roman Karmanov
Deputy General Director, Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House
Valeria Kasamara
Vice-Rector, Director of the Institute for Applied Political Studies, HSE University
Igor Kekhter
Director of the Gastronomic Card Union, Vice President of the Association of Small Tourist Cities of Russia, Vice President of Slow Food in Russia
Kirill Kleymenov
Deputy General Director of Channel One Russia
Alexander Klimov
Rector of the Russian University of Transport
Indira Kodzasova
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Arguments and Facts Weekly
Mikhail Kozhevnikov
President, Prosveshcheniye Group of Companies
Komissarov Aleksey
Director of FSAI Russian Fund of Technological Development
Denis Konanchuk
Academic Director of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Taras Kononets
General Director of Camp Industry LLC
Elena Korotkova
Head of the Center for Urban Economics Strelka KB
Vladimir Kosoy
President, Center for Infrastructure Economics LLC
Andrey Kotelnikov
Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Denis Kravchenko
Editor-in-Chief of EDexpert Magazine
Svetlana Kraychinskaya
Deputy General Director of the Union of Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia)
Maria Krasnikova
Director of the Art Science and Sport Foundation
Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Rector of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Yaroslav Kuzminov
Rector of HSE University
Alexander Kychakov
Chairman of the Board, Novosibirsk State University Endowment Owners Foundation
Muslima Latypova
General Director of Bechetle LLC
Iva Lebedeva
Leading expert, individual entrepreneur ANO "Agency for the Development of Rural Initiatives"
Oleg Leonov
CEO of NW Advisors
Petr Lidov-Petrovskiy
Director of Communications and Public Relations, International Information Agency "Rossiya Segodnya"
Marina Lipetskaya
Director of the Center for Strategic Research North-West Foundation
Ivan Lobanov
Rector of The State University of Management
Pavel Luksha
Professor of Practice at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, expert at the Skolkovo Center for Educational Development, founder of the Global Education Futures initiative
Elena Lyapuntsova
Head of the HR Committee for SMEs and Education of the All-Russian Public Organization OPORA ROSSII
Irina Makieva
Deputy Chairman of the State Development Corporation VEB.RF
Aeksey Makrushin
General Director of the Association Housing and Public Utilities and Urban Environment
Eugeny Malevanov
Director at Center for Educational Data Analysis, Federal Institute for the Development of Education (RANEPA)
Anton Mamaev
General Director of Piter Trust Investment Company JSC
Elena Marinina
Director of the Social Development Assistance Fund INNOSOCIUM
Dmitry Marinichev
General Director of Radius Group LLC
Alexey Martynov
President of the Association of Manufacturers of Biomedical Cellular Products
Svetlana Matelo
General Director of Diarsi Center LLC
Vladimir Mau
Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)
Mikhail Medvedev
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Safonovo Industrial Park, Member of the Board of Directors of Kubanenergo PJSC
Elena Meshkova
Director of the Konstantin Khabensky Charity Foundation
Igor Mescherin
President of the Association of Engineers "National Chamber of Engineers"
Anatoly Mescheryakov
State Secretary - Deputy General Director of Russian Railways
Maria Morozova
General Director of the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charity Foundation
Tatiana Mrdulyash
Deputy General Director for Development of the All-Russian Museum Association "State Tretyakov Gallery"
Eugenia Murinets
Director of the Urban Policy Institute
Anton Nagralyan
Deputy Head of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation on Domestic Politics
Vladimir Nazarov
Director of Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance (FRI)
Dmitry Narinsky
Professor of the Faculty of Urban and Regional Development / Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism HSE University
Alexey Nemov
Vice President of the Russian Gymnastics Federation
Alexey Nechaev
Founder of the Captains of Russia Charitable Foundation for Educational Programs Support
Elena Nikolaeva
President of the National Agency for Low-Rise and Cottage Construction, Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia
Lilia Ovcharova
Director of the Independent Institute for Social Policy, Vice-Rector of the Higher School of Economics
Alexey Ovchinnikov
Head of the Center for the Development of Professional Education of the Moscow Polytechnic University
Vasily Ovchinnikov
Elizaveta Oleskina
Director of the Charity Fund for Assistance to Elderly and Disabled "Starost' v radost"
Eugeny Olkhovich
Deputy General Director for Strategic Development and Technological Innovation, Rosseti PJSC
Alexander Oslon
President of All-Russian Public Foundation "Obschestvennoe Mnenie"
Ekaterina Pankratova
Director for Interaction with Development Institutions, Department for Strategic Development and Analytics, Skolkovo Foundation
Vladimir Pligin
Leading Researcher, The Institute of State and Law of The Russian Academy of Sciences
Alexander Povalko
General Director, Chairman of the Management Board of RVC JSC
Maxim Pokaluk
Head of Innovation Projects Implementation Department, Rosseti PJSC
Mikhail Pokataev
First Deputy Director of JSC Glavnaya doroga
Dmitry Polikanov
Deaf-blind Support Foundation So-edinenie (Connection), President
Pyotr Pozhevets
Executive Director of Sberbank's Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future
Andrey Polosin
Head of the Department for work with regions of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom
Anna Polyakova
Head of the dual education system of PNTZ OJSC (ChTPZ Group)
Natalya Pochinok
Rector of the Russian State Social University
Nikolay Pryanishnikov
Senior Lecturer, Head of Culture Management at the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka), Leading Lecturer, RANEPA
Igor Remorenko
Rector of Moscow City Pedagogical University
Alexey Romanenko
Partner, Head of Management Consulting, Head of Practice for Infrastructure and Transport Enterprises of KPMG JSC
Natalya Rybalchenko
Individual entrepreneur ASMYSL, Agency for the creation of territorial brands and the development of territories
Sergey Rybalchenko
Philipp Ryabchenko
Senior partner of the Scientific and Consulting Law Society "BIEL" LLC
Yuri Sahakyan
General Director of the Institute of Natural Monopolies
Sazonov Semen
Head of the working group "System Projects" Vice-President of "ONEXIM" group, Director General of PJSC "Quadra"
Sergey Salikhov
First vice-rector of NUST MISiS
Olga Sanaeva
General Director of ANKOR LLC
Yuri Saprykin
Vice President for Regional and International Development of the SKOLKOVO Foundation
Pavel Seleznev
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Avtodor Invest LLC
Andrey Sel'sky
Director for Human Resources and Education, Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Digital Economy
Yuri Serdarov
, -
Alexey Sidnev
Managing Director of Senior Group
Victor Sidnev
Director of Science and Innovation of the Institute for Technology Assessment and Development
Margarita Simonyan
Editor-in-chief of the Russia Today TV Channel
Alexey Sitnikov
Vice President for strategic communications of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Juliana Slashcheva
Chairman of the Board of FSUE Soyuzmultfilm Studio
Maxim Sokolov
Member of the Executive Committee, First Deputy CEO LSR Group
Denis Spirin
Director for corporate governance of the Representative Office in Russia Federation of Prosperity Capital Management Ltd
Vsevolod Stepanitsky
Advisor to the Director General of ANO "Far Eastern Leopards"
Dmitry Sudakov
Atlas of Emerging Jobs Project Manager
Darya Suntsova
Head of the organizing committee of the Business Success Award
Vitaly Survillo
General Director of Masterslavl LLC
Oleg Teplov
General Director of VEB Innovation LLC
Natalya Timakova
Deputy Chairman of the State Development Corporation VEB.RF - Member of the Management Board
Denis Tokarsky
Head of the Secretariat of the All-Russian Public Organization Union of Russian Journalists
Natalya Tretyak
First Vice President of Gazprombank JSC
Natalya Trunova
Vice President of the Center for Strategic Research
Anna Tyshetskaya
Deputy Vice Rector for academic and educational work of the Far Eastern Federal University
Julia Uzhakina
General Director of Rosatom Corporate Academy
Denis Unzhakov
Vice-president of the Block of Innovations and Digital Economy, VEB.RF
Valery Fadeev
Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation
Sergey Fakhretdinov
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RUSKOMPOZIT Group
Nyuta Federmesser
Head of Moscow's Centre for Palliative Care, Founder of the Hospice Charity Fund Vera
Andrey Filippovich
Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Moscow Polytechnic University
Nikolay Fomenko
Co-founder bit-quartet Secret band, motor racer, businessman
Isak Froumin
Head of Institute of Education HSE University
Arslan Khasavov
Editor-in-chief of Uchitelskaya Gazeta Publishing House JSC
Armen Khachatrian
Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation
Anastasia Tsvetkova
General Director of the Lake Baikal Foundation
Vasili Tsereteli
Executive director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Antonina Tsitsulina
President of the Children Products Industry Association
Nadia Cherkasova
Member of the Management Board Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Otkritie Bank
Ilya Chukalin
General Director of the Presidential Grants Foundation
Svetlana Churilova
Director of the Department for work with regions and government agencies of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC
Natalya Shabalina
Deputy Head of the Research and Education Center for advanced training for personel in tourism, Geography Department of Moscow State University, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Konstantin Shadrin
Director of Digital Development Center, Roskosmos State Corporation
Ildar Shaikhutdinov
General Director of JSC Institute for Financial Business Development
Ekaterina Shapochka
Executive Director of the Forum Analytical Center
Andrei Sharonov
President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Vladislav Shekoyan
Head of the Morning Broadcasting Directorate of TV Center JSC
Lyubava Shepeleva
HR Director, United Aircraft Corporation
Alexander Shkolnik
Director of the Central Museum of the Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voyna 19411945
Elena Shomina
Professor, Department of Local Government, HSE University
Vyacheslav Shoptenko
Director of the Institute for Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives, RANEPA
Lola Shurygina
General Director of Makarun Family School
Artur Scheglov
Managing Partner, Hyperion Strategy Group LLC
Petr Shchedrovitskiy
Head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Management Methodology, NRNU MEPhI
Lyudmila Shcherbakova
General Director of VELTrade LLC
Kirill Yankov
Chairman of the Union of Passengers
Yan Yanovsky
Co-founder of the FRIENDS Charitable Foundation for the Assistance to Non-Profit Organizations in the Field of Education, Science, Culture, Medicine and Social Programs
Tatyana Yarmonova
Director of Investment Projects Department of SME Bank JSC